Our patent pending inventions allow our users to build and share in Canvrs easily and naturally. Our technology covers the following areas:

RealControl - Your motion in VR

RealControl enables unlimited creation and playing possibilities in AR and VR. You can point, aim, walk, run, and even jump in VR by moving your own body!

Our proprietary image recognition and noise reduction algorithm turns your smartphone into an interactive VR system.

Our control system is lightweight, wireless, non-electrical, portable, and works with most smartphones. Don't be fooled by the simple design, RealControl offers unleashes endless possibilities in VR.

From a maker, for the makers

You can build your own RealControl out of recycled cardboard or virtually any material. Use your creativity to build your one and the only controller. Click the button below to know how:

RealControl can be attached to the upcoming Google Daydream controller as an add-on.

For users with high control demands in AR/VR, such as manipulating objects, writing and drawing, position tracking is a must have. RealControl's 1-to-1 position tracking is a good supplement to Daydream controllers orientation tracking.

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RealNet - Social & Realtime

Our platform is designed with your social and connection need in mind. Contents built with Canvrs platform can enjoy realtime social connectivity automatically.

For Developers,
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For Distributers,
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