You will need RealControl and Google Cardboard equivalent to continue. If you don't have one yet, purchase one now:

Standard VR Set
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Watch the video to know how to assemble RealControl and Google Cardboard:

For iPhone users, please also cut the camera window wider so the camera can see our marker.

Download The Apps

GermBuster VR

In GermBuster, "You" the player, are transported into an exciting new virtual world that you must clean-up by killing pesky germs. You are equipped with a state of the art virtual bubble gun and control the gun with you own hand!

Wizard Academy VR

Wizard Academy is an immersive action and learning games in virtual reality. We launches you into a magical land where you can experience learning and gaming in a brand new way.


Have Fun and Beyond

Why stop here? Customize your RealControl and show it off to your friends:

Share the fun with us, too! Using #RealControl to let us know your awesome creation!