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Amazing experience. The gameplay is really absorbing and the 3d effects are the best I have come across yet. The realcontrol is quite an innovation and really gets you immersed in the action.
Fun use of VR and AR With a cardboard headset and blaster, this was a really interesting experience into how accessible vr/ar can really be. These are the types of developments that get me excited. If you’re exploring things on google cardboard, this is one to definitely try.
Incredible. I have an Oculus Rift DK1 but experiencing this with the View Master VR headset was just incredible. I printed out and assembled the blaster as well and the immersion level is better than any other VR game I’ve played thus far. It’s amazing to just slowly rotate your gun to examine it!
I never had such a full experience in Virtual Reality. The existence of companies like this gives me hope for the future. Amazing! I would give more stars.