Build RealControl2

Supported apps: GermBuster, Wizard Academy, BattleZ

Step 1 - Glue and Cut

Glue the blueprint to a piece of cardboard. Align cardboard corrugation/texture direction. Cut through all orange lines.

Step 2 - Fold

Fold the mountain and valley fold lines. Maintain 90 degrees for the mountain folds.

Tip: Use the edge of the desk to fold straight.

Step 3 - Tape, Glue and Staple

Tape the two panels together in the back. (QR code on the right side). Match staple marks and apply glue and staples to assemble the handle.

Step 4 - Check trigger mechanism

Check if two panel is flat when you pull the trigger. And in 30~45 degrees when you release the trigger. Apply an optional tape as illustrated if the trigger is sliding too much.

Step 5 - Customization and Share

Customize your RealControl2 and share with us via #realcontrol2

Build RealControl 1.0

Supported apps: GermBuster, Wizard Academy, BattleZ

Step 1 - Print, Glue and Cut

Download and print out RealControl's blueprint from here. Glue the paper to a piece of cardboard.

Cut out the pieces carefully by following the lines.

Tip: Turn off "fit to page" or "scale to fit" printer options to have accurate dimensions.


Step 2 - Assemble

Put all pieces together as illustrated. And done!


Build Google Cardboard

It took only a few minutes to put together your own virtual reality system! When you finish, pop your phone in and make sure your phone camera is not blocked by cardboard.

DIY Tips

Camera Window

If you are using VR viewer like Google Cardboard 2.0, please trim the front cardboard piece to allow your phone camera to see through and be able to recognize the RealControl marker. 

tabbing Window

Due to the variety of VR devices, some Cardboard VR apps would need you to tab the screen or press a mechanical button. If you Cardboard viewer doesn't have that, simply cut a tabbing window (1 inch x 1 inch) at the bottom of the viewer then stick your thumb into it to tab the screen directly. Weird, isn't it? It is actually a common method in many 3rd-party Cardboard viewers.

*** You don't need tabbing window to run apps from Realiteer, because we feel that this input method is quite awkward. You only need to cut the tabbing window if you want to run VR apps from other developers.

Missing Magnet button

Google has officially retired the magnet button. Don't worry if you lose your button or your viewer doesn't come with one. Use the tabbing window instead.

My phone doesn't fit?

Smartphones come in different sizes and thickness, so there is no Cardboard viewer that can fit them all. However, i is easy to modify the viewer so it can fit your phone better. If your phone is bigger than the viewer, add two extra creases to the cover as illustrated to create additional room.


DO I Need NFC?

NFC is not necessary to run Cardboard VR apps. If you wonder why you see a NFC tag on some viewers, it is used to tell the phone that it has been inserted into a VR viewer and automatically launch Cardboard apps. However, must users found that annoying and actually prefer launching VR apps manually. 

Can I fold my Cardboard VIewer?

First of all, this is not recommended, because most cardboard viewer is not designed for fold and unfold multiple times. However, if you need to fold it for easier transportation, this is how you do it:

(1) Poke the lens plate out of its socket and fold the right side and left side wall in half.

(1) Poke the lens plate out of its socket and fold the right side and left side wall in half.

(2) Push down the fold in flat.

(2) Push down the fold in flat.