Assemble Google Cardboard &  RealControl

It took only a few minutes to put together your own virtual reality system! When you finish, pop your phone in and make sure your phone camera is not blocked by cardboard.

If you are using other VR viewer like Google Cardboard 2.0, make sure to trim the front cardboard piece to allow your phone camera to see through and be able to recognize the RealControl marker. 

Build RealControl From Scratch

If you already have the kit, skip to #4


#1 Print

Download and print out RealControl's blueprint from here.

Tip: Turn off "fit to page" or "scale to fit" printer options to have accurate dimensions.


#2 Glue

Glue the paper to a piece of cardboard.


#3 Cut

Cut out the pieces carefully by following the lines.

Tip: Use scissors to cut the assembly socket.


#4 Assemble

Assemble your RealControl.


#5 Ta Da!

Now you can play our apps!