With Realiteer technology,
you can build amazing experiences




Canvrs is the backbone of our in-house apps. It is designed to rapidly produce top quality VR/AR contents. We are working hard to bring this creative platform to the public so anyone can build his/her VR/AR experience.

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BattleZ VR

Experience the first multiplayer game on Mobile VR!!  Team up with your friends to fight zombies! 

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CORT VR furniture showroom

Introducing CORT VR, a new way to see CORT Furniture. 

Walk through CORT’s Beverly Hills showroom in Virtual Reality, available on Android and iOS.

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Wizard Academy VR

Wizard Academy is an immersive action and learning games in virtual reality. We launches you into a magical land where you can experience learning and gaming in a brand new way. In Wizard Academy, you navigate around the village and discover the following challenges:

GermBuster Village: find and shoot giant germs.

Fire Archery: speed up your algebra like never before.

Ice Fortress: destroy ice castles, but you need to know a little physics.

Earth Maze: finding yourself trapped in a maze and surrounded in danger, you have to find you way out before it’s too late. Put your spatial memory to a test.

Telekinesis: the space is an endless mess, use your telekinesis power to bring back order.

GermBuster VR

Fangwei's son Adrian loved shooting bubble guns, but they broke easy and often, which meant Fangwei always had to clean up messes everywhere.

One day, after losing count of the number of bubble guns landed in trash, Fangwei started building a bubble gun shooting game in Virtual Reality using a diaper box. Soon, Adrian got an unbreakable bubble gun in Virtual Reality and his new favorite game.

"Why should I stop here? Why not share Adrian's favorite game with the world?" Fangwei wondered after seeing the happy smile on Adrian's face. Now, Adrian's favorite game is available to you, 100% FREE!

Education In Virtual Reality

The potential of virtual reality in education is unlimited. With Realiteer's technology, we can bring fully immersive learning materials to users at a very low cost. People of all ages can easily use our product with minimal training. Indeed, hundreds of users tested the RealTrigger at the most recent Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 where RealTrigger was ultimately awarded the “Best In Class” red ribbon for its great educational potential!

Realiteer's technology is suitable and adaptable for users of all ages:

For Preschooler to Grade Schooler

Three to six years of age is a critical period in a child's life for developing hand-eye coordination. Our system provides a fun way for toddlers to exercise their full body while learning.

We have extensively play tested the RealControl with toddlers to make sure it's safe and fun!

For Teens

Knowledge doesn't necessarily only exist in books. With Realiteer's 18 degrees of freedom, we can take students to where / when things happened. We can transport users to historical settings and events so that they can observe them in person or even participate in them!

For Grown-ups

Live and learn! The Realiteer system can put you through challenges so you can polish your rusty problem-solving skills, for example. These challenges can be in the form of puzzles, brain teasers, or even an adventure.

For professionals, our system can be used for on-the-job training materials to simulate certain situations and scenarios. For instance, certain dangerous situations, like fire-fighting, can be rendered into a virtual scenario for training purposes.

For Elders

Because Realiteer's 12 degrees of freedom cover human's most essential locomotion abilities, it can potentially be used as a diagnosis device to detect locomotive malfunctions in their early stages.

In addition, Realiteer's technology provides a fun environment for elders to keep their minds sharp, exercise, undergo physical therapy, meditate, or socialize with people who have difficulty moving around.

Best of all, people don't age in virtual reality!